Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life and such

So, being a stay at home father has not translated directly into the amount of Eve time I thought it might. This isn't so much because the needs of the baby but because I'm looking to put my house on the market and the needed repairs and cleaning are monumental. That aside, I have been getting back into Eve and a few friends of mine are looking to set up our own POS - a huge undertaking, but something new and fun for us.

Hopefully I'll be able to blog a bit more about that undertaking and how it is going but right now I'm going to go try to slide through some of Heavy Rain.


  1. It's ok, if you have older kids, but not babies, the lack of a 'pause' makes games like eve very difficult to survive the NOW aspect of child rearing.

    been there, done that


  2. Yeah, the one thing that is glorious is that he enjoys lengthy nap times. I probably won't be able to run missions while playing. But mining isn't quite as big a burden, at least not in high sec. CONCORD's got my back and rats can chew on my ship for a long while (indefinitely on the Orca) without causing me any distress.