Sunday, March 14, 2010

Everyone does it once...

At least I'm going to tell myself that is the case. If I am deluding myself, well, let me have my delusions.

We all know the advice that everyone tells us. "Check your flight route, don't use autopilot in or around low-sec, make sure your route isn't going through low sec, etc." And this is a practice that I live by pretty rigidly... except for yesterday. I was busy flying around fitting up my Myrm for missioning - something that I've been waiting to do for a while now. I browse the market for cheap mods in a close general area, set up my way points, undock, hit AP and then go to change my sons diaper.

I failed to check my flightpath, I think it was because I was sticking to the general area that I know very well. But as it happened I mixed up two similarly named systems in my head. One is .6, the other is .4. Guess where I ended up? By the time I returned from the aforementioned diaper change had ended up back at my clone station staring at the clone tutorial. All said and done it was probably a 100mil ISK lesson to learn, but I learned it the hard way and now I'm better for it.

So I will repeat the oft heard advice: "Don't autopilot through or to lowsec. Always check your flight path before you hit that auto-pilot button."

But most importantly, don't worry about it too much when you fuck up and learn the lesson the hard way. I think we all have to do it at least once.