Friday, May 14, 2010

New Blog

A friend of mine just started his blog. You can check it out here. Not sure if it will be any good, but I figured it didn't hurt to give him some press.

The Hits Keep Coming!

Have you heard the news? Live events are coming back to Eve! Not that I was around for the good old days, but I'm glad to catch the revival. This is just another example of what I think Eve needed being implemented. The idea of bring back these epic storyline driven even events that can change the shape of our universe is a wonderful thing. I know that in Eve we love the fact that much of what goes on in the world is entirely planet controlled, but it also means that we are beholden to ourselves. And while there are small battles that rage on every day throughout null sec we don't see the larger wheels turn. The Gallente and Amarr simply go on being Gallente and Amarr. We see hints of it in the fiction, but we don't see it in action.

This is about more than just developers jumping in ships, this is a chance for CCP to do some driving in terms of storyline. Imagine a dev fleet laying siege to various systems under the guise of a new pirate or NPC group that is going to have a larger part in an upcoming expansion. Or perhaps a group of planet dwellers take offense to planetary interaction and rise up in opposition either hiring pirates to do their work or taking to vessels themselves, forming blockades around their planets and actively hunting down those who attempt to steal the riches of their land.

There are so many possibilities for the developers to help make this universe even richer. One thing Eve lacks is that major change. Patches introduce new concepts and features and mechanics, but to have in game events to go with them, that would be amazing. For those who played WoW, remember when Naxx floated above the Azeroth in the days of L60 Cap? Who saw the opening of AQ on their server? These events are fantastic and wonderful and I think Eve should steal what is good from WoW while leaving what is bad. Hopefully these live events will do just that.