Friday, March 12, 2010


I was again overwhelmed by the sheer massiveness of Eve Online yet again today. As I mentioned in an earlier post, some friends and I are looking to expand into running a POS. Again, I am not sure what the endgame of all of this is going to play out to be, but it gives us something to do. I've started looking into just the basic information and I find myself flooded with issues like Faction, Charters, Fuel, Configuration, Skills, and so forth. Even just getting a handle on one miner/minor (pun intended) aspect of the game is rather awe inspiring. I will say there are some aspects of the game that don't play out as evenly as other games more concerned about 'balance' would need. However, in Eve you don't need entirely balanced game play in order to create a vibrant world. In fact I would argue that the world is more vibrant because it isn't balanced. Yes, I have a friend who is essentially and Eve day trader. He spends most of his time as a dock walker managing buy and sell orders. He has more ISK that is healthy and will probably be the primary bankroll to our POS adventure. I don't make nearly as much of him with mining and in many ways my role takes a bit more attention. But this is okay, because in the end not everyone in a world has to earn the same amount of ISK to enjoy the game.

In a related note, my alt is almost maxed out as a Mining Director/support character. He also has a plethora of combat skills, so I'm now looking to start him running some missions while my main plays Salvage monkey. That way both can start to sweep up some reputation and the benefits that brings. The universe is truly full of starts, and I'm going to enjoy picking one and hitting my jump drive.

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