Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where do we go from here?

So, I find myself closing in a few benchmarks. On my main character I have the short term goal of training to fly an Obelisk. On my alt I have the short term goal of training and Orca (less than 3 days away) and the slightly more long term goal of training all the skills to use Mindlinks and other modules to essentially pimp out my Orca.

But where to next? I see my main character working on refining skills and trade skills to go along with the fact that I'll be able to move massive amounts of cargo in my Obelisk for higher rates of return. However I'm at a loss over what to do with the alt. I have him relatively trained to run some level two missions, and I'm sure I could get him running threes and fours in his Myrmidon. But to what end? Extensive PvP holds little interest to me at the time, and while shooting rocks is a lot of fun (yeah, I'm sick) I'm not sure where to take my "end game" for it.

What do you people enjoy? I know there is far more to the game then what meager scraps I take from it right now, but I'm wondering what pool to wet my toes in next.

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  1. I enjoy ninja salvaging...that's always good for a rush or two :D

    Get out of the carebear shell and do some of the finer things in eve...steal stuff and kill people :D