Monday, September 7, 2009

Loose Lips (and Wives) Pod Ships.

I've been rather busy this past week and a half. I'm a teacher and school just went back into session after summer vacation. That means that I've been back to work and trying to get a classroom set up, student names learned, lesson plans created, so forth and so on. Needless to say that the job that pays for Eve has to take some precedence over Eve itself so my time mining has been woefully limited.

Finally I get a chance to play with the holiday weekend, so this morning I fire up my two copies of Eve (what good miner doesn't have an alt account training an orca?) and head out to grind some roids. Cue wife who needs a few moments of my time. Thinking that she means "a few moments" in the sense of a regular human I decide not to bother docking both my ships and run downstairs to see what is up.

I'm sure now all the vet players are shaking their heads or beating it against the edge of their desk.

Needless to say, "a few seconds" turns into several minutes - it isn't like I could tell my wife "Hold on hon, I need to check on how my ships are doing since you are talking too much." During which rats show up, eat my mining drones, and pop my retty (fortunately my Hulk is much sturdier and they didn't get that). I come back to them chewing on my Hulk's shields. End result I lost the following:

5x Mining Drone 1
1x Retriever
2x Expanded Cargohold 1
2x Hobgoblin 1
1x Survey Scanner 1

After the payout from insurance I really didn't lose that much ISK (less than a 1M overall) but I did lose valuable mining time getting a replacement. This probably never have happened had I launched all my combat drones, or if I had realized that my wife's definition of "a few seconds" was considerably longer than that of a normal humans.

Lesson learned, isk payed.Definitely glad I always insure my ships though.

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  1. I'd say sorry to hear that, but...well...I suicide miners from time to time :D But really, sorry to hear that :D

    By the way...why don't you have Expanded Cargohold IIs? They take...just a few hours to train.