Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Whale of a Ship

I apologize for the post title, I'm sure the pun has been used before, but if it has it is only because it is so bloody accurate. My alt got into their Orca for the first time today, and it is a beautiful thing. I'm now 5 days out from training Leadership 5 so I can start using all the Ganglink modules. Two quick impressions, and then I have to run to a Saturday morning workshop (stupid real life).

1. Holy cubic fuckton of space. I could pretty much fit almost everything I own in every station in my Orca (and I'm not even running 3 cargo rigs yet.) I know this probably means I just don't own a lot, but it is still impressive.

2. Dear god it warps slow. It is like watching my grandmother trying to parallel park a huge Oldsmobile, just slowly turning and inching along.

I'm sure I will post more about this later and let you all know what type of rigging I come up with for it (probably cookie cutter) but, man, good times so far.

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