Saturday, April 10, 2010

What's in MY Hanger you ask?

Over at Evoganda Rixx asked us "What is in your hanger?"

Well, technically Rixx also asked us if we had a specific naming convention so I'll skip the boring "no" answer and get to the important part.

Sadly, I also have a very boring hanger.

Catalyst - "Repoman" used for salvaging with 4 tractor beams and 4 salvagers
Hulk - "Pendereski" used for mining (duh) and named after a Polish composer, I'm a music major
Myrmidon - "Monkey Lover" used for mission running, I chew through L2 and I can't wait to have enough standing to try my hand at some L3s.
Gallente Shuttle - "Puddle Jumper" "Run Rabbit Run" used for what shuttles are used for, quickly getting from one homebase to another
Orca - "Mobile Meth Lab" is a name that I inherited when I bought the ship off a corpmate, he asked me to keep the name and I said sure.
Obelisk - "Footlocker" is my move all my shit from here to there.

I think I have another couple small vessels, but that is my overall hanger. Nothing that impressive, I was very proud when I bought my Orca and my Obelisk though. I am currently training up for a Hyperion and while I can fly a Megathron I'm thinking the Hyperion might be a better choice. If you have an opinion on Hyperion vs. Megathron or if you want to suggest a name for either vessel hit me up in the comments.


  1. Cool to find a blogger whose hanger isnt full of every ship Ive ever dreamed of flying. :)
    And your choice of skilling for both mining and combat (I dont think I remember seeing any bonuses to mining yield from the Hyperion...) is quite interesting as well. Working out well so far?

  2. I have two characters - mining main, combat/support alt. My mining main cruises around in a Hulk while my alt supports with an Orca. My alt, however, is the character that is geared for combat. When I run missions typically my main typically flies a salvage vessel.

    Getting my alt into an Orca did take away from combat skills for a good while, but it was worth it. There also are some skills that are useful for mining support as well as combat, such as Drone Interfacing, Warfare Link Specialist, and Leadership. So not all of the training time was a 'waste'.

  3. Cool, good point about the crossover skills too.