Friday, April 9, 2010

Chatting it up with Celebrates

I'm sitting here listening to The Drone Bay podcast, checking out Eve Blogs on Capusleer, and now posting on my own blog. If my mother could see me now I don't think pride would be the first thing that comes through her head, quite the opposite. I would make a big deal about The Drone Bay being back, but I've never knew about them before. I just heard about them in the Eve Blogger channel in game last night and started to check it out. I probably won't do them justice, since I won't be going back and listening to the old episodes, and I'm sure that means I'll miss out on some of the inside jokes, but I have enough trouble keeping up on my blogs and real life without having to find time for over 20 hours of old Eve News. I will say that the show that went up last night was informative and entertaining, so a great job to Kinux, Crovan, Alsedrech, and Maeve.

It was fun hanging out in the Eve Blogger channel last night. I've lurked for a bit in the past, but last night I chatted a little. I don't really know the people yet so I kinda feel like that guy who shows up when you are eating with your friends and takes the one empty seat at the table because there is no other room and then tries to interject themselves into your conversation. I hate that guy, I hate being that guy. I did realize something though, when it finally donned on me that Crovan was posting about the podcast as self promotion, not just as a junkie who was glad the crack dealer was back in town, it brought home how cool the single server experience of Eve is.

Other web celebrates play MMORPGs, both the creators of Ctrl+Atl+Delete Comics and Penny Arcade Comics have WoW Guilds. But if you wanted to play the game with them you'd have to first be on their server, then you'd probably have to be in their guild, or you'd have to be in the same general area as they are. Since Eve is a single server and allows for server wide channels it is completely conceivable that I could chat with Kinux or Kirith. Hell, last night I was chatting with Maeve and Crovan. Just another reason Eve is cool.

I have a lot of blog post ideas brewing, so stay tuned. Hopefully I'll be able to get my submission done in time for Kinux's contest.

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