Sunday, May 2, 2010

Descent into madness...

I was reading through my Capsuleer feed when I came across this post from The Planet Risk Show. It seems that their corp is looking for miners to join them in null sec. As I read through the post I found myself thinking, "I wonder what that would be like." I've been spinning my wheels in my current corp. Many of them have been exploring wormhole space and I'm not sure if I want to go that route.

So I talked to Merinid Dormer last night and the conversation went well. He gave me a brief rundown of what null sec mining is like. The only thing that might stop me is the inability to go out and handle mining on my own. With high sec mining I'm find with just my Hulk and my Orca. With the null sec mining fleet Merinid was talking about involved scouts doing recon, dedicated haulers, etc. It really sounds grand.

I've already talked to one of the CEOs of my current corp and let them know I might be making the move to Null sec. They are a great bunch of guys and I'd definitely miss shooting the shit with them in corp chat. I do also have a few real life friends in the corp as well. Also it would be kinda funny to go from high sec to null when the title of my blog is .5 or Higher!, but several bloggers have had the same issue before.

I guess I'll just have to mull it over. So what do you think? Any other null sec miners out there who can shoot me a few words of wisdom or encouragement, or perhaps a horror story or two to make me cry?


  1. Interesting turn of events for you.
    Having recently started my own blog as a miner, I have been wondering about a move to Null Sec.
    I am looking forward to reading how it goes for you. Good luck!
    Fly Safe.

  2. Honestly whoever told u that about neding recons etc for nullsec mining i really wudnt want to be where they are mining lol..

    I sit in my hulk and can mine for hours, i just have the local intel channel open and watch local for neutrals, if one enters, i warp to a friendly pos, wait out the neut to leave local and if im really paranoid wait for all clear from intel before returning to my cans... other thing i like about nullsec mining...

    JET CAN MINING IS AWESOME... i can use my alt and my main in hulks sucking ore into 5-6 cans sometimes even more and rotate out the old cans into new cans to keep them all fresh so they dont auto-pop... (i name them creation time so that i know when their closing in on 1 hr)... then after i have a bunch of them i grab the orca with my alt, grab all the cans dockup, and go back to dual hulking into many jetcans...

    Neuts that come in dont give a f*ck about some cans sitting in a belt... and no ones gonna can flip you lol....

    also if you stick mostly to hidden belts, especially the larger ones that are harder to scan down in upgraded sov systems, or you mine in blue systems with 30+ belts, chances are you have a good bit of time to respond to a neut entering local or being alerted via intel that theirs a gang incoming.

  3. oh ya forgot the funniest thing about nullsec mining atleast in my area, on market locally i can sell trit for close to 4isk each, yet the high ends tend to be lower isk... so this makes lowend ore mining profitable, and when u do get the abcm spawns in the hidden belts or public belts, you can stock pile that for runs to highsec to sell... that way you have steady stream of income daily from lowends locally and bulk selloffs of minerals to highsec highends..

    Make sure u're nullsec alliance has decent paths to highsec or get very proficient with nullsec travel and using a cov ops transport.... alot of megacyte/zydrine/morphite can fit in a 5-10kM3 prorator :) but getting popped at a gatecamp with that much in your hold is a bitch

  4. My guess is that when he was talking about recon and all that he was talking about recon and all that he was meaning mostly for large scale mining missions. I'm sure I could still mine on my own. I'm just guessing that it would be a different modality than what I'm used to which is:

    1. Mine lots of ore with my hulk/orca
    2. Refine Ore to tiny pieces
    3. Take an Obelisk full of Ore to a high sec trade center and sell it all

    Some how I think cruising through null/low sec in an Obelisk is like wearing a giant "rape me" sign.

  5. Did they ask you if you drink?


  6. No Mike, they didn't. I'm not sure which the right answer would be!